Principal For A Day



A principal for a day


I’ve just received a great honour. I’ve been named principal for a day. What I would do for principal for a day is go around the school and stay there for about 10 minutes in each class room. I would give some good advice to some children that are having trouble on their work so they do it right and understand what they’re doing. Then I would go to the next room.


I thought that kids were having fun at recess and when the bell rings, they start saying that they wished recess was longer. So I would make the nutrition break longer. Then the children will have fresh minds for the new topic.


Then in the meetings I would tell the teachers to teach their classes about the people now instead of the past, because I think it’s more important to learn about now so that they have more ideas about their jobs than they would be learning from the past.


I’d also talk about working in group work more than they would usually do because if they do more group work and share more ideas and talk about it then they’ll learn more about the topic and what to do. Then after you’ve done a fair amount of group work you will do some independent work and see how you do.


My most IMPORTANT RULE would be, do not allow any toys of any kind in any class. I would say that because that’s what distracts students most of all!


That’s what I would do if I was principal.

When I Was Principal For a Day by Quincy

People don’t talk about it much but I can still remember the day that I was principal at my school for a day.

It all started when I was only 11 years old. We had an election to see who should be principal for a day. I was always in to school council and plus I thought it would be really cool to be principal at my school for a day.

Eventually it became time to vote. They dimmed the lights the pressure was on me and the two other people standing on the stage. They called out name and it was mine! I was so exited that I started making all these promises but the one that really got people cheering was that I was going to make myself principal for the rest of the year. People were so exited that I decided to announce the rule that made me principal for the year at the very end of the day.

I made up what could be called the best rules of life. I replaced the school store with an ice cream and cotton candy store that gave out free stuff. I made a rule that kids had recess all day long and they could go wherever they want. Finally I made a rule that the last period of the day was that everyone from grade 6 and up had an all out paintball war inside and on the roof of the school! It was the end of the day the paintball war was on and I was so exited playing paintball. It was then that the worst thing that could have happened, happened. The bell rang! The day was over. I hadn’t made my I’m going to be principal forever rule and the teachers had total control. Everyone was so disappointed in me and from that day on no one ever spoke of it AGAIN!
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A Principal For A Day By Delaney

Today was the best day of my life. You want to know what happened?

It was about 7 am when I asked, “Mom, what are we having for breakfast?”

“Some eggs and toast.” So I ate my eggs and was off. When I got to school I was told to go to the gym. Everyone was there and I sat down next to Ava. The Principal went to the front of the room and said, “I have a meeting today and I need one of you to take over for today.”

The whole school was shocked! Suddenly a bowl popped out with everyone’s name in it. He put his hand inside and pulled out a piece of paper. When he read the name “Delaney”, I jumped up and ran to the front. He said “You are going to be the boss for the day.”

Off I went to the office and they showed me were I would work.

I asked, “So what do I do?”

“Whatever you want” said our VP.

Now lets get to the good part.

I got right on the phone and called a bunch of food trucks. Then I got on the speaker and said that “a bunch of food trucks are going to come to Ancaster Meadow today and that the whole school is going to try each truck’s food and chose a favourite.   Everyone will have to do some research about that food that was your favourite. I will call you down class by class.”

About an hour later the food trucks arrived. I called down all the SK and JK kids first. The trucks that were there where Gorilla Cheese, Tiny Toms, Hula Girl, Texas Tornado, and Rome ‘N’ chariot. When the JK and SK were done I called the rest of the school down grade by grade.

When the whole school was researching I went on the speaker and announced “this is going to be half of your mark.” After that I went out, paid the trucks and ate what I wanted to.

At 3:20 I called a staff meeting and asked the teachers how they liked what I did today.

They all said at the same time: “WE LOVED IT!

The VP said I was going to be the new principal for as long as I want.

I said that “I would  love to, but I am only 11.”

Now do you see why that was the best day of my LIFE!!!!!