As I walk down the road, carrying my prey, I think of how disgusted Jenny will be. My dead mice freak her out, but it’s Halloween, so it’ll be worth her getting mad at me. I am a black cat named Boo, or at least that’s what the humans call me. To live up to the name, every Halloween I choose someone in their family to scare. Last year, the boy was my victim (I don’t know his name). I popped my head out of the hay and hissed. He jumped so high, I thought he was flying! I live on an 8 acre farm with a huge barn, so there are lots of places to hide. I’m also a barn cat, so I just roam around freely. That makes it easy for me to sneak away. My plan this year is to drop my mouse on the front step, right before Jenny (she told me her name) walks in. When she sees it, she will scream as loud as a freight train in an abandoned town. It will be hilarious! I can’t wait to see her face! But takes a lot of preparation to scare someone like this. These are the steps:

1. Kill the mouse.
2. Bring the kill to the barn.
3. Tear it up, make it look gruesome!
4. Wait for Halloween night.
5. Bring the mouse to the front step (make sure to time it well).
6. Put it down.
7. Hide!
8. Laugh (with the amount I will be doing, it’ll be hard work)!

Eight steps. Eight steps! For a little (and macho) cat like me, that’s a lot of steps! Sometimes, I wish I was not called Boo! (Only sometimes though. The rest of the time, my name is awesome. And cool. And intimidating. And… Well, you get the point.)

halloween riddles

I am in a ghost place                                                I have fur all over       

  I have words all over                                                Fangs and claws to scrach and eat

 Dead people hide here                                            Every time I bite theres more of me

Where am I?                                                             What am I?

My Halloween story

One Halloween night I was walking down the street just about to get to the next house. I ring the doorbell the door opens it appears no one is inside I think to myself where is the person who lives there. then i hear  a grunt i try not to make a sound then i see who is there.




predict the rest for me and i will continue

The Halloween Nightmare

It all started with a story that my friend was telling at the park at 9:55 PM and it was the night before Halloween.


The story was scary but I, the great Kevin, am not scared of a children’s story. My friend kept on saying it was a real story. He said it comes out on Halloween in that old mansion on Tryerk St. He is saying it’s true but I don’t believe him. If you don’t know which mansion it is, it’s the oldest mansion on the street, in fact the oldest mansion in the city.


The people of the city actually say it’s haunted. I don’t believe that though. Then I got this evil smile on my face, my friend knew what’s going to happen. I had an evil Idea, I screamed out “HOW ABOUT WE TRICK OR TREAT THERE?!” My friend said “I’m not sure” I said “come on, it’ll be fun!” My friend said “Well…ok”.


The next day at school we needed to do this parade thing with our costumes, I couldn’t wait to go trick or treating. The day finally ended me and my friend waited tell it was 7:00 to go start trick or treating. When we went to Tryerk St no one and I mean no one was on the street. There it stood, the mansion was so scary. I and my friend rang the bell. The door to the mansion slowly opened and out walked a…


Well? Nothing did come out, that was as soon as I realized my friend was gone and I was in a… well I don’t really know. It’s a black and purple room, mostly black though, with purple dots too.


I saw a door that said “to outside:” when I opened it all I saw was a room with black inside it, only black…it was so dark. There was a cage, carved on it was “The Doomed One” what can that mean? I didn’t really know.


I saw a hole out of that cage, so I’m guessing The Doomed One is in the mansion. But where was I?


The Haunted Halloween

Here is the story of the haunted Halloween.
It was Halloween night, my friends and I were about to
go home, but we decided to go to one more house. As
we walked up to it, we noticed that there were no
Halloween decorations but the lights were on, so we
decided to try for candy. As we got closer, the door
creaked open.

“Hello, anybody home?” I said. No reply. We looked at
each other and decided to go in. “What’s the harm?” or
so we thought. We walked in. “Hello?” I said again. We
heard a moaning noise.

We exchanged looks, “What could that be?” I looked
around a bit. “I think the noise is coming from
upstairs” said one of my friends. “Let’s check it out”
said another. We walked upstairs and saw an old lady
sleeping in her bed. “You’re the one’s making all that
noise.” We were all so surprised, we all thought it was a
ghost or a mummy or a zombie. We talked with her a
bit and it turned out that she had gotten sick and went
to rest, but forgot to turn out the lights. I looked at my
watch and was freaked out by the time. I told her “we
have to go” and left. When I got home my mom was so
mad because I was late. Boy did I have a story to tell