The Haunted Halloween

Here is the story of the haunted Halloween.
It was Halloween night, my friends and I were about to
go home, but we decided to go to one more house. As
we walked up to it, we noticed that there were no
Halloween decorations but the lights were on, so we
decided to try for candy. As we got closer, the door
creaked open.

“Hello, anybody home?” I said. No reply. We looked at
each other and decided to go in. “What’s the harm?” or
so we thought. We walked in. “Hello?” I said again. We
heard a moaning noise.

We exchanged looks, “What could that be?” I looked
around a bit. “I think the noise is coming from
upstairs” said one of my friends. “Let’s check it out”
said another. We walked upstairs and saw an old lady
sleeping in her bed. “You’re the one’s making all that
noise.” We were all so surprised, we all thought it was a
ghost or a mummy or a zombie. We talked with her a
bit and it turned out that she had gotten sick and went
to rest, but forgot to turn out the lights. I looked at my
watch and was freaked out by the time. I told her “we
have to go” and left. When I got home my mom was so
mad because I was late. Boy did I have a story to tell

One thought on “The Haunted Halloween

  1. Jason, I really like the surprise in your story. I did not expect that it was an old woman at all. Your use of dialogue here was wonderful too.

    As a next step, look at your introductory and concluding sentences. How could you make them stronger?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

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