As I walk down the road, carrying my prey, I think of how disgusted Jenny will be. My dead mice freak her out, but it’s Halloween, so it’ll be worth her getting mad at me. I am a black cat named Boo, or at least that’s what the humans call me. To live up to the name, every Halloween I choose someone in their family to scare. Last year, the boy was my victim (I don’t know his name). I popped my head out of the hay and hissed. He jumped so high, I thought he was flying! I live on an 8 acre farm with a huge barn, so there are lots of places to hide. I’m also a barn cat, so I just roam around freely. That makes it easy for me to sneak away. My plan this year is to drop my mouse on the front step, right before Jenny (she told me her name) walks in. When she sees it, she will scream as loud as a freight train in an abandoned town. It will be hilarious! I can’t wait to see her face! But takes a lot of preparation to scare someone like this. These are the steps:

1. Kill the mouse.
2. Bring the kill to the barn.
3. Tear it up, make it look gruesome!
4. Wait for Halloween night.
5. Bring the mouse to the front step (make sure to time it well).
6. Put it down.
7. Hide!
8. Laugh (with the amount I will be doing, it’ll be hard work)!

Eight steps. Eight steps! For a little (and macho) cat like me, that’s a lot of steps! Sometimes, I wish I was not called Boo! (Only sometimes though. The rest of the time, my name is awesome. And cool. And intimidating. And… Well, you get the point.)

2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Jersie, after all of our work with THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, I’m so impressed that you chose to write from the point of view of an animal. It’s clear that you spent time thinking about what the cat might be thinking and feeling.

    I wonder what the mouse might be thinking just as the cat catches her! It would be neat to write a story that includes two points of view. What do you think?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

  2. Boo scares me all the time Jersie! Cool that you wrote about him! Love that you incorporate your real life surroundings into your writing. Many wonderful authors do just that! I am glad you feel inspired to write about things in your life and turn them into a fun story! Great job!

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