What I learned from this math test

I learned that there could be a pattern rule like subtract 3 add 7 each time, like this,         26-3=23 23+7=30. This is actually equal to just +4. Another thing I learned was that teachers sometimes make writing mistakes like 10,14,18,21,25 when the rule was add 4 each time and 18+4=22 not 21 but anyways everybody makes mistakes. That is what I learned from the test. The rest I studied for. By: Ethan

Anywhere In The World

If I were to go anywhere in the world, I would want to go to into the past. I would want to because I know a lot how there are people all over the world that don’t have a life anything like we do. Unlike them, we have money, clean water, good health, doctors, school, education, and so much more. If I could go back I would want to change that by giving this places lots of money to change all of their lives. Then they would probably living a much better life today! If they could at least experience the life where there is no poverty and, where they had freedom, and clean water, it would change the world because there would not be as many of those people that have nothing to be happy about. So that is what I would do if I could go anywhere in the world. Make a lifetime change.

*You could make a difference in the world just by donating to a charity. Don’t even think of it as a charity, think of it as a chance to help those people in the world that need your help.

Tunnel Travelling

Once upon a time I fell in a tunnel and had a rough landing. As I rubbed off the dust, I saw the Trojan War in action. I was scared and didn’t know how to react. It looked like I had fell in a time travel tunnel. I noticed that I had some dusty and bloody clothes on with a sword in my hand. I walked up to the closest guy and asked him who he was, but he looked freaked out.I realized that he had no idea what I was saying. Thankfully I had practiced my Latin last week for my test in school. I asked him again but this time in Latin and he said his name was Odysseys. I couldn’t believe I was staring at the one and only Odysseys. I asked him about what had just happened and he said that the soldiers had just built the Trojan Horse and that he said he was looking for soldiers to be in the Trojan Horse and so I offered.

The next night, he woke me up and told me it was time to go. I put on my worn out clothes on and followed him. He led me to the Trojan Horse. I climbed into the Trojan Horse and sat down. We waited as the other boats sailed behind the hills.

The next morning when the Trojans woke up, they found the Trojan Horse and brought it into the city. We planned to wait until they fell asleep and storm the city, but when I stepped out, I reappeared at home where I started.

What a day!” I said.


The Kane Chornicles

I have just began reading “The Kane Chronicals.” It is about Carter and Sadie Kane fighting Egyptian monsters and gods. I am on the first chapter of the second book, but it is already very exciting. This is one of the things I enjoy about Rick Riordan’s books. So far they have broke into a museum and tried to steal a statue only to be stopped by a booby trap scroll. They have seemed to upset anorher statue that might come to life and this is how the chapter ends.

Tunnel To 1812

I stepped into to the dark tunnel, not knowing what to expect. In my head I was saying, “it’s okay, your dog ran in there you have to go get her.” So I kept on walking.

All I could see was the light of my flashlight and complete darkness.  Finally,  I saw a little spot of light, so I ran as fast as I could when and when I got to the end I fell to the ground to catch my breath.

When I caught my breath I got up and I peeked around the corner of the tunnel and saw everything.

I was in the year 1812!!!

I knew I was there because I knew everything there was to know. I saw all of the gun shots, bodies and soldiers.

“How can I look for my dog if the war is going on?” I thought. But then I looked down at myself and realized I could see right through me. I was a ghost which meant I could just walk through everything and not die. Right when I was about to take my first step I saw my dog running. He was a ghost too, so I ran after him. I lost him within all the people trying to kill each other so I had to stay calm and think how I could find him and catch him.

I sat down right in the middle of the War of 1812 and asked myself, what does Lulu like? She was a dog and dogs like food, so I started looking for some place that she could get food.

Suddenly I saw some bones and there was Lulu! I grabbed one of the bones very quietly so that Lulu did not hear. Then I called Lulu and waved the bone.  Lulu started to run after me so I bolted and ran for the tunnel.

Once I got in the tunnel all I could see was darkness. Lulu and I walked until I hit my head on a metal door.

I opened the door and saw that I was on the Titanic.