friendship poem

A friend is all you need.
They are great, helpful, kind, and supportive.
They’re always there for you whenever you need them.
A friend will share and work with you everyday of your life.
A friend understands you when you are going through hard time
And a friend appreciates you for who you are.
They are everything you need.

2 thoughts on “friendship poem

  1. Emily and Sydney, I think that this poem really highlights the importance of a good friend! I think you’re definitely right about the power of friendship.

    How are you good friends? How would you suggest that others be “good friends” too?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

    • Well to keep a good friendship you have to agree with each other. Also you have to help you’re friend and treat them the way you want to be treated. That is my advice to keep a good friendship.

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