Mandie and the Hidden Treasure – Writing Wednesday

I read a book called Mandie and the Hidden Treasure, and this is my summary on my book. It all starts when Mandie is on her Christmas break. Her friends Joe, Sallie, and Polly come over to her house for the break too. When Mandie and her friends start searching for old furniture from the attic to give to charity, she comes across  an old treasure map. Mandie and her friends decide to look for the hidden treasure so, they start in the grave yard across the street. Then, they looked for a rock pile, then a persimmon tree and finally, the treasure would be three feet deep underneath a rhodendron bush. Unfortunately, on the map it said underneath the rhodendron bush but, there was lots of rhodendron bushes in that area. The three got a little discouraged but they did not give up. Fortunately, the gardeners friend, Hezekiah helped them find the treasure. So, the following day, he helped them look for the treasure. Even he had difficulty trying to find the treasure. He too got discouraged but also, did not give up. The next day, they decided to bring the shovel with them to dig underneath the bushes. They worked together for quite a while, digging up the bushes and replanting them as they went along. Finally, they found a cracked cookie jar. Inside was a giant ruby sitting there, glinting off the sunlight. It also came with a note, it read: This ruby belongs to dearest friend Hezekiah. In the end, Hezekiah, did not accept the ruby and so Mandie and her friends gave it to Hezekiahs nephew.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Life Lesson: I think one life lesson is to never give up. I think that because during Frodo’s quest( Frodo is the main character) he has many challenges that stand in his way- such as Black Riders that have come from the evil place Mordor. And during all this he never gave up and kept on going even though he was in pain.

Moral: I think a moral in this story is to always keep trying to achieve your goal. I think that because in the story he never stopped because he knew that if he didn’t the world would be put into evil.


The Right Decision – Writing Wednesday

I know that I had made the right decision that day when I stood up for my friend. It all started when I was out at recess playing with my best friend  Martha when all of a sudden I heard a person say, ” You are so ugly Martha, you’re hair looks like a rat’s nest and you’re shirt looks like trash.” I was shocked that someone could be so mean, so I got off the swing and walked up to her and said, ” That’s not nice! You should’nt be so mean! Why don’t you go be mean to someone else besides Martha! Or for that matter, do not bully or be mean to anyone!” The next day, during the nutrition brake a different girl, a friend of that mean girl from yesterday,came up to us and said, ” You look like a monkey that has been uncared for a year.” so I said to her,”You are only being a bully! And guess what! I know that you do not like who you are because you are being a bully! After those two days, those girls did not bug us or bully us again, or get their friends to bully us. Soon, I knew I had made a difference in helping to stop bullying. I realized that it wasn’t good to be a bully and I also realized another thing, that I did the right thing and also, I helped stop bullying at our school. I hoped that there would be no more bullying at our school so people would not be hurt or upset.

Mean, Median, and Mode

In class, we just started learning about mean, median, and mode. Students were given a data set and an answer. They needed to explain if the answer was for mean, the median, the mode, or any combination of the three. Below are some videos of the students working on the activity. Hear them discuss their thinking. (Please note that not all of the students have answered the question in their video recording. Some of the students were still in the process of working through the problem.)

How would you solve these problems? What would you include in your explanation? We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Miss Dunsiger’s Class