The Blue Alligator

Once upon a time there was a blue alligator. Everyone would make fun of him just because he wasn’t the same colour as the others. One day he was swimming along the river when a bunch of HUGE crocodiles went in front of him and started chasing. The blue alligator swam as fast as he could and swam under a lot of logs so the crocodiles could not catch him.

Finally he found a hiding spot and hid there. He heard the big crocodiles saying, “Where did that blue weirdo go?” The blue alligator felt sad and waited until the crocodiles swam away. He thought to himself why do people make fun of me just because I’m blue?

It was another hard day for the blue alligator. While he was swimming down the path a lot of the other alligators called him names. The blue alligator couldn’t take it anymore. He swam away really fast and sat somewhere where nobody could find him. He said, “I wish I was green so people could stop making fun of me.”

He was so sad that he fell asleep in the cave. One day later he woke up and he had forgotten where he was so he couldn’t go back to the village. He looked down the cave and saw a light. He decided to go to it. He kept walking and walking but the light was far. Then he said to himself, “If I could just walk to this light and find a nice land all to myself it would be better than being bullied for my colour everyday.”

He finally got very close to the light. He looked in and saw an old man and the alligator said, “Are you the one that is causing all this light?” The old man replied, “Why yes, was I bothering you I was only practicing my wizard skills?”

The alligator said, “So you could do anything with your powers?” The old man said, “Well yeah. Say, you look like a strange type of lizard.” The alligator told him that he was born like this and everybody makes fun of him because he is blue. The old man said, “If you want I have the power to turn you green.”

The alligator got so excited and said “YES YES YES!!!!!!!” Then the man told him, “Before you make me turn you green think about it.” The alligator couldn’t think about anything but being green.

After he took a deep breathe and thought, “I am blue but everybody makes fun of me. If I was green like the others maybe I would be welcomed.” The alligator thought even more, “If I’m blue doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be welcomed or judged. Nobody should.”

The alligator went to the man and told him, “I have changed my mind. I would like to stay blue.” And the old man replied, “You have made the absolute right choice.” He also said, “I will open this cave and out will be a path for you. Find the land with alligators that will accept you.”

The old man opened the cave and out came a path. The alligator started walking and walking. He had been walking for at least 7 hours he was hungry thirsty and tired but he remembered what he thought to himself and kept walking. After he passed by a river with baby alligators. The babies saw and and told him, “Woah!! You look so cool you wanna play with us.”

He actually had some alligators that accepted him. After a lot of splashing the baby alligators mom came and said, “Come on kids lets go home.” One of the baby alligators said, “Mommy this guy is so cool. He played fun games with us. Can he come?”

The mom said, “Wow you look like a rare type of alligator. Which village are you from?” The blue alligator replied, “From the northern village but nobody accepts me there.” The mom asked why and the blue alligator replied, “Because I’m blue.”

The mom thought that was ridiculous and offered him to come with her. He went and the mom introduced him to the village. Everybody thought he was Copland rare. About 4 years later he was living with a loving family and played with friends that all accepted him. Then he lived happily ever after.

Spoiled Sheepy

“SHEEPIES!!! SHEEPIES!!! SHEEPIES!!! COME HERE!!! IT’S DINNER TIME!!!” I yell as loud as I can until my voice scratches and cracks. I see all my flock of sheep running over the hills and across the grassy meadows. The wind pushes some over and they topple down like dominos. I walk over to the gate with the cold ground cracking beneath my feet to the sheep’s home where they eat, sleep, and get groomed/shaved. I place my hands on the icy bars and pull the gate open so that all the sheep can get in. As they come in I whisper all their names to make sure no one is missing… Jingles, Mary, Fluffy, Cloudy, Rainbow, Daisy, Richard, Jean, Mark, Woolly, Stacy, Cranky, Timmy, Apple, Lucy, Pamela, Grassy, MOPP, and Bella. I’m sure no sheep is missing, but I run the names back through my head just to make sure no sheep is missing; so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 only 19 sheepy! Which one is missing? There’s supposed to be 20! All of a sudden I turn my head and stare across the green sea of grass. Suddenly my eyes skim along a white ball in the middle of the pasture and he locks eyes with me; the 20th sheepy is ‘Orly’.

He is a spoiled sheepy.

It’s really weird he never comes in when I call them and only comes if I stand outside and bring his favourite blanket and cook his favourite food: forbs sautéed in cloves and other herbs and grasses. But this time no I won’t stand for it. So I grab a harness and run through the grass like a maniac escaping, I feel free and alive.  When I get close enough to touch Orly it looks like he’s growling. I take a couple steps closer and he starts to back up, and up, and up. Then, BOOM! His feet leave the ground and start chasing me back to the barn. I let out a YELP and dash back as fast as I can and run to the nearest tree. Luckily the door to the barn was open so once he gave up trying to kill me he just left and walked into the barn with the rest. I scowl, “He’s a lame excuse for a sheepy,” but then I look at the good side to it: well at least he’s in the barn. 🙂


Thinking Thursdays

With a PA Day on Friday and a Snow Day yesterday, we actually did Thinking Thursdays today. Students discussed the different texts that they read, and many of them spoke about the moral or deeper meaning. Usually students blog or tweet about these texts, but the Internet was down for most of the day, so students got creative. While some students were able to use Today’sMeet (on computers that connected to the Internet), others wrote about their books in their journals, and others discussed their books using video and audio recordings. Here are some of them. What questions do you have for the students after listening to these recordings?

The Worst Christmas Present Ever- Writing Wednesday

It was Christmas tomorrow! I was so exited! When I looked under the tree, I saw a huge gift. I read the tag to see who it was from and who it was for. When I read the tag I felt like I had just entered heaven.It was for me and it was from my cousin Victoria, my favorite out of all my cousins. It was finally Christmas morning so I threw on my house coat and ran down the stairs because as I was saying earlier I love Christmas and I was really in a hurry to open the enormous present from my cousin.But of course, we had to take turns opening our presents. First my brother, than my sister, and then finally, me. I decided to wait to open the big present and save it for last. Some of my other presents were books, clothes,toys, and jewelry. I wondered what would be in the big box. Maybe a pool table or an air hockey table.I was hoping that it would be something awesome and expensive like an air hockey table or a trampoline. Finally, quite some time later, I was down to my very last present.First, my brother had to open his last present which was a toy car. Then, my sister had to open her last present which was a leather wallet. Finally, it was my turn to open my last present, the huge one. I gulped and peeled of some tape and ripped the wrapping paper off. Then I lifted the lid to the box and peered inside of it. I got nothing! There was literally nothing in the box! I was so surprised! I trusted Victoria and she betrayed me! How could she! I wish I hadn’t trusted her.

The Classroom Brawl

It’s quiet. Even more quiet than it usually is in the classroom. Miss. Dunsiger just left for the weekend, and she is always the last in the school, so the building’s empty. That means that the coast is clear. Finally, the fun could begin. Finally… WE could wake up! By we, I mean the school supplies, the computers, the books, the desks, and the chairs. Hi, my name is Elijah the eraser. I usually just observe the other items as they secretly walk around the class and socialize. I prefer to be protected by my owner, Jersie’s, desk, and for a good reason! Once, a terrible thing happened in the classroom. A huge fight broke out among the supplies! (Not including me, of course!) Luckily, I was shielded by some of my friends, History Book and Science Text Book. (They don’t like action either) Here, let me explain how it all went down…

It was Writing Wednesday for the students, so I had been used A LOT!
By the end of the day, I was super tired. I decided that I would just watch today instead of playing with my friends. Everyone was joking and laughing, but then, Desk said, “ You know what? I’m the most important thing in the classroom!” Well, that made everyone go crazy! They all started shouting out why THEY were the most important. Pencil said that he was the most important because the students used him all day long. Computer said that he was the most important because he gave the students all the information they needed for their projects. Book said that she was the most important because she gave the students pleasure everyday, which made them want to learn. Everyone seemed to have a reason that they were the best, but everyone else seemed to disagree! Their voices started to raise, and as quick as you could say “Classroom”, a full out fight had started! Chair was kicking Desk, and Desk was bumping Book, and Book was slapping Computer, and I was forced to just sit there in absolute terror! It was horrible! They were rolling around in a huge ball, with feet, fists, and French Books flying everywhere! (French Books are very weak!) It took hours before they finally calmed down! After the fight, everyone was so beat up, they could barely stand! Then, Desk said, “That was really silly! Fighting is not the way to solve our problems! We should of just calmly talked about it!”
Everyone agreed, and they decided that they were all different, but equally important! I was very happy that they worked it out! And not just because I was about to get ripped in half! They’re friends, and friends don’t fight!

So that’s the story. Now you know why I stay in my desk! The other objects may think I am weird, but it doesn’t matter! An eraser has to do what an eraser has to do to keep himself out of trouble! But before you go, there’s one thing I have to say…

Please be nice to your eraser! (It might be one of my friends!)

Summary on POLAR BEARS AND ARTIC ICE From Nelson Literacy

Polar Bears and Arctic Ice

Jot Notes

-a biologist Dr. Ian Stirling realized something bad after studying polar bears for 35 years in the arctic

-20 years ago he realized the polar bears have been getting thinner and sicker each year

-he was doing a lot of research to figure out the answer and what was wrong

-they weren’t getting a proper food amount; that led to fewer cubs and health problems, also the ice was breaking up earlier than it should

-main question he had: why was the ice breaking up so early

-other researchers have also discovered that the ice was getting much thinner

-the problem was is the polar regions oven the planet getting warmer

There is a biologist Dr. Ian Stirling and he has been studying the Arctic polar bears 35 years. But 20 years ago he saw that there was a problem. The polar bears have been getting much thinner and sicker each year. The bears were in trouble. Ian was doing a lot to find out the answer and figure out the problem. He found out that the ice was getting much thinner and breaking apart much earlier so the polar bears didn’t get much time to hunt for food. Other researchers have found out about this problem too. He concluded one big problem; the polar regions and possibly even our planet was getting much warmer.
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The Great Flying Adventure- Writing Wednesday

Hi, my name is Alley. I am in grade six and one day  my teacher, assigned me a project where I had to make a flying object that is made out of duct tape. Right when my teacher finished explaining the project, an idea popped into my head. My idea was to build the biggest airplane ever to be made out of duct tape. The only problem was,my teacher was only giving each student one roll of duct tape. All night I thought about the problem of each kid only having only having one roll of because, how can you make a giant airplane with only one roll of duct tape. Some time later, I finally figured a way out on how to get more rolls of duct tape. My idea was to ask my mom to buy me some more duct tape. So that is exactly what I did the very next day, I asked her and she said that we could go to the store and get a few rolls of duct tape. After I started to build my airplane my sister came in and asked me to help me build the airplane but I told her no because it was my project and not hers. I took the rest of the weekend to build it, but when I finally finished it, it looked fantastic, I took it outside and tested it. It flew really far and once, landed across the street on my neighbors lawn. I was so excited. I thought, if we ever were to have a contest to see whose plane could fly the farthest, I would have won.