How Kevin Durant Became a Great Basketball Player

It all started with a letter…

    Kevin walked home in grief; he thought his life was over. He had already failed science, art, and history. The only subject he was actually good at was gym, when the basketball was in his hands it was like a superpower; the basketball acted to his touch, he could get past everyone in his grade and high school, he was unstoppable. But that didn’t matter because that was the only thing he was good at nothing else. The rain and slush splattered everywhere as walked up the steps to his house, opened the door, and sat down. All of a sudden, his mother popped from the kitchen, ran over to him and gave him a great big hug. There was a opened letter in her hand and tears were pouring from her eyes. She handed the letter over to him for him to read…

To: Kevin Durant

Hello, this is a letter asking if you would like to attend the University of Texas. We have heard that you are excellent and need a career. This is to help.

From: The Nation Basketball Academies

     He was thrilled. He of course accepted it and he and his family moved to Texas. And there he became an even better basketball player. He relocated in the NBA a lot; first, he started at The Seattle Supersonics to Washington, then finally to Oklahoma City Thunder.

That one single letter changed his life for the good. Without it, he’d probably not be famous or well known. That one single letter gave him a new start and life in the world.


The BIG Snowfall!

     Yesterday was the BEST day ever! On Tuesday, it was a snow day!! I turned on the TV and watched my favorite show, the big bang theory. It was on a commercial so I put put the channel to the news. The news reporter described in a live interview that it was the biggest snowfall Canada has ever had. A chart was shown on how the snowfall yesterday increased from the past, it was 15.80 cm. I was surprised since the thick, white cold snow was big, but not as big to be the biggest snowfall we ever had. I just went back to my favorite channel and soon after that, I played in the cold snow.


I started to make snow angels and one time I jumped into the snow and almost froze since it was so deep!! I then had a snowball fight with my neighbors, made a snowman with a carrot nose, beans for eyes and a top hat, and I  headed back inside.


Inside, I drank soothing hot chocolate and played some  video games on my PS3. After playing games, I watched TV again and noticed that the news put up another chart and this time I noticed it was “20.95 cm.” It had increased while I was inside, I looked outside and only now noticed that it was snowing!! With it still snowing, I could imagine how big the snowfall would be!!  This was my day when the biggest snowfall in Canada ever happened!

The Cave

“Hey Nick, take a look at this,” yelled Jason.

“What, the cave?,” responded Nick.

“No, what is in it,” answered Jason.

“What, all those sketches on the wall?,” questioned Nick.

“Ya like the one showing a historic war where the city is on fire, their house is burning and their friend is being burned alive.” suggested Jason.

“And those swords and shields” added Nick.

“They all look Egyptian.” stated Jason.

“Do you have your phone on you?” requested Jason.

“Ya, but I got no reception,” responded Nick.

“I’ll try outside,” recommended Jason.

“Yes I got 1 bar,” yelled Jason.

“Ok, so I just dial: 1-888-ran-dom-ond-ema-nda-rch-eolo-gist,” said Jason.

“Hi random on-demand archeologist service, how can we help you?” answered The Phone Operator.

“Hi, could I have an archeologist at a cave near 500 different parks in the town park?” answered Jason.


“Jason, where is he, it’s been 5 minutes already,” questioned Nick.

“There he is!” responded Jason.

“Hi, are you My Archeologist Guy?” asked Jason.

“Yes,” responded The Archeologist Guy.

“There’s a cave over there filled with artefacts. Have fun with it,” said Jason.

“Oh là là,” answered The Archeologist Guy.

“Yes, oh, of course, yes, here we go, the total value of this collection is $999 999 999,” said The Archeologist Guy.

“Holy cow,” Jason and Nick both yelled in sync.

“That sure is a lot of money,” stated Jason.

“And it’s mine,” yelled Nick.

“No way, I found the cave,” responded Jason.

“Ya but I’m your friend and you give it all to me,” demanded Nick.

“No way, 50/50,” compromised Jason.

“Wait this is a park so its government property which means it’s all the government’s,” interrupted The Archeologist Guy.

“That means your bill is going to the government, Archeologist Guy,” stated Nick.

“Bye Archeologist Guy, remember to bill the government,” waved Jason.

“So that was fun. What you want to do now?,” asked Nick.

“We could play on the swings,” recommend Jason.

“Not when the slide is open,” answered Nick.

The Snowfall

One day I woke up feeling quiet excited. I didn’t know why I felt that way but I knew something had to be good. I got out of bed and went to go get ready, and while I was getting ready I glanced out of the window and saw piles and piles of snow EVERYWHERE! Now I totally knew why I was so excited. I got ready really fast, ate breakfast and got my snow pants, coat, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots on. I ran to the door, peaked outside and the snow was so sparkly. But, as soon as I could step one foot into the snow, my mom shows up. Of course, I have to shovel the driveway!

Forty minutes later, I was finally done shoveling and ready to play in the snow. I didn’t know what to do first, make a snow angle or a really big snowman. I decided to make a snowman, a huge snowman!

I reached down to touch the snow, as it was so white and sooooo sparkly. First I got a gigantic handful of snow and formed it into a snowball. I put it on the ground gently, so it wouldn’t break, and started rolling it along. It got larger and larger until I couldn’t roll it anymore.

Then I got another big handful of snow and made it into a body. After that I got a smaller handful of snow and made a head. I took my scarf off and put it on the snowman. I got coal for the eyes, buttons for his jacket, a carrot for the nose, and sticks for his arms.

I was all done building the snowman so I went inside for hot chocolate. I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat on the couch with my mom. It was almost 10:30pm so I went to get ready for bed, and quickly fell asleep. I felt so happy after I built the snowman. I was excited for the next day to come. I love playing in a winter wonderland!

The Best Snow Day Ever!!!!

As I open my eyes, I look out my window and see the snow falling. I run to mother and father room and ask “is it a snow day?”

“Yup it is honey!, “ my mother says.

So I ran downstairs and grab a piece of toast and go and look outside. The snow is so high! My father made a tunnel so we could get outside. I put on my snow pants, my hat, my mitts, and my coat. I open the door and the snow all stays up. I keep on walking and at the end of the hall there is a huge room that has a heater, but the snow is not melting. I take off my hat, mitts, and coat. There is a skating rink that has skates right next to them, a hot tub, and a huge play set!  I have no idea how all of this got here, but I love it all. I put on the skates and start skating around. The rink is so smooth. I see a door on the other side. I tack of the skates of, and put on my boots and open the door. I see One Direction! Liam, Zayn, Harry, Nail, and Louis. They just look at me and ask “Do you have any idea how we got here?“

“No, but I am so glad you are here. Could you please stay here for a little bit? I love all of you so much.“

They say, “I think we can stay until someone comes and gets us. “

So I grab Liam`s arm and pull him through the door and the rest have to follow. They look around the snow room and they cannot believe their eyes. I just pull Liam right down the tunnel down in to my house!


My mother comes to see and she yells at the top of her lungs! I tell her all about what happened outside and she said, “of course you can stay!”

Then my mom makes a really great lunch. All of us just talk. Then they call someone to pick them up. The next day someone comes. I give them each a huge hug and say goodbye. I wish they could stay forever.

Louis tells me that they will always remember me.



I step into the cave and I see it! This is amazing! This is one of the best things ever as an explorer could find. Oh my. I’m so sorry I forget to tell you how I was. I am Jane, Jane Payne. I’m one of the worlds best explorers. I came to Greece to to find this. What I am looking at right now is almost everything left of what Ancient Greece used! Here I am right now looking at all of it!

I see plenty of weapons like spears, swords, shields, and armor. I see all of the symbols of all of the Greek gods. I see a three-pronged trident for Poseidon, a thunderbolt for Zeus, and Aphodites girdle. I also see all of the other gods things. I see ancient writing all over the place. I take pictures and copy the writing.

I pick up one of the vases, but then a huge bolder comes and it is about to hit me when I jump out of the way. If I touch any of this stuff something else will hit me, or something bad will happen! I really badly need some of these things! It could be one of the best things I will ever find. I just need this stuff.

I pick up a stone thunderbolt, and nothing happens. I take a step back, and everything happens. A huge rock comes down and hits me in the head… when I wake up I don’t know how long I have been sleeping, but I have all of the Ancient Greece stuff in my bags and hands. I’m out of the cave. I don’t know how it happened, so I pinch myself and I wake up back in the cave.

The Mysterious Discovery

The Mysterious Discovery

     As I was heading to the mall, I noticed a mysterious shadow with fog surrounding it. It was in the middle of the sidewalk, I crept close to the shadow and with a sniff of the fog, I passed out.


I woke up in a dark mysterious place with no sign of lights, a rocky, bumpy ground and a river with water flowing. I thought to myself “Aha, I’m in a cave?!” I started to panic but with every movement and sound I made, I could hear animals like bats swooping above me and I could hear snakes slithering on the ground! I decided that I should look around and make no vital movements to harm no animals, I looked around and just decided to walk slowly till there was a sign of light.



I found light, I started to run to the light and finally got outside, relieved I looked around an noticed it had strange mysterious markings and pictures with animals and humans engraved into the stone. One part of the hard, grey stone described this cave was a “aboriginal cave” and this was the house for people decades ago. I felt awesome since I had found an aboriginal cave from decades and decades ago! One question kept on running through my mind, why was I brought here? Why did I end up here, in an aboriginal cave with no signs of family and friends?? I then realized supernatural things started to happen, then I woke up, it was a dream the whole time!!