Point Of View on JB at the Grey Cup By:Ralstanio

The Booing at The Grey Cup

To the editor,                      March 26,2013, 8:32 PM EST

The manners of the Canadians were yes, disrespectful but some Canadians criticize Justin Bieber, others adore him and some respect him. Myself personally would have cheered him on since I have respect for the guy and plus, he’s Canadian! Sometimes we express our true feelings for people in the world, when performing, fans have the decision to either boo or cheer him on, it’s the person’s decision. I’ve seen many, many people get cheered for their true talent and because of popularity like “Britney Spears” or “Michael Jackson.” For Justin Bieber, half of the reason people boo him is because some are jealous while other s just don’t enjoy the genre he sing/ thinks he has an rather odd voice. Also, many people dislike him since his sense of attitude was not really formal as he wore a white t-shirt with a backwards cap, sneakers and overalls, while getting a “Diamond Jubliee Award” from our Prime Minister, Stephen Haeper. I totally agree on how you described the Canadians and how the actions they made, impacted the CFL and Justin Bieber as the CFL thought they would get the popularity when most of the audience booed Justin. Justin Bieber didn’t even need to show up, but he did since the CFL “thought” that they would get some #buzz from having him on the show. Justin also came since he performed for his home country, Canada! Justin said that he didn’t perform for money, but for the “spirit of national pride.”

Our TLCP: Big Idea, Learning Goal, Success Criteria, Bump It Up Wall, And Anchor Charts

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What Clues Should We Give During Friday’s Mystery Skype Call?

We’re doing a quasi-Mystery Skype Call on Friday with another school to discuss an upcoming Math/Social Studies Project. We arranged for both classes to give five clues to the other class, and then guess the mystery location based on the clues.

Students today worked in small groups to write their clues. We put all of the clues into a Google Form, and we’d like your help deciding on which ones to ask. Please fill out the form (as often as you want) before 3:20 tomorrow. The top five clues will be the ones that we share on Friday.

Thanks for your help with this!

The Mail- Writing Wednesday

Hi. My name is Marlene. I am 16 years old and I am about to tell you about the day I received a strange letter in the mail. It all started on the first day of school, just after school had finished and I was almost home because I had to walk  to and from school. It was always my job to check the mailbox in case there was any mail in it. So I checked the mailbox and found three letters and a coupon. I always read who the letter was for in case it was for me. I read who the first letter was to, it was my mom. The next one was for my dad, and the third one was for me! I was so exited since I almost never got mail. I hurried inside and ran into my room to open and read my letter. The words were printed in lovely blue and the paper was a deep red. I started to read it. It said:

Dear Marlene,

I have been watching you but you have not been watching me. I have noticed that you are always kind of mean to everyone including your brother and the people that are at your school.

I noticed that I was mean too. It was because nobody was nice to me. I kept on reading.

If you could please try and change that mistake and change yourself, you will see that people will be more nice to you too.


A Secret Person

Wow, I thought. Maybe I should be nice to people so that they will be nice to me. So from now on, I was nice to everyone and they were always nice back.

The “APPLICATION” By:Ralston

The Application

     Earlier today, I was talking to my friends about me getting my first job since all my friends had jobs and one friend in particular was Alex. He had proclaimed to me that the job I was applying for was impossible for me to get into.


My dream job was to be a architect. This was my dream job since I loved dictating how an “8 story building” with clear, shiny glass windows, soft beige carpeted floors for the flooring and the exterior of the building to be made out of honeycomb yellow stucco walls would be made.


Plus, some of my teachers described me as a “bright little boy” when I was younger. So I sent an application to Landmark Designs. The letter talked about how I had countless and countless ideas if I had that position.


Anyways, I was anxious, thinking about if I got the job I always dreamed for. Then, the following day I got a letter. It had so much stamps of cute beavers and dry maple leaves, one stamp stood out the most, “Landmark Designs Inc.” I had opened the letter immediately and the words that had made me feel like gold were bolded, in italics and underlined. The words read said “Your hired!!”  I was so joyful since I had made my #DREAMJOB. I called all  my friends and told them about the awesome news and “bragged and exclaimed” that I made it to my dream job. From there on, that letter had changed my life in a positive way!