We Can See Stories

These WE CAN SEE stories include point of view as well as the pattern text or words for our younger audience. We hope that you enjoy these media texts. Please let us know whose points of view you think we’re writing from and how you know.

Miss Dunsiger’s Class

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    • Thanks Mrs. Harrison! My students will be thrilled that you enjoyed their books. I’m going to add more here tonight. We hope your students like them (and can guess the different points of view).



    Page 1- It is a bird because it says, “way up here,” and a bird flies really high.

    Page 2 – Most likely it is a person because humans are lower to the ground but not right on the ground. Also, humans can see colours and some animals can’t.

    Page 3- It is a person because it is on the ground.

    Page 4- It is a small animal because it says, “way down here,” and small animals go under cars and humans and birds don’t.

    Page 5- This is a person because it is in school and most of the time animals are not in the school.

    Page 6- It is a child because they are on the playground. They are probably playing on the playground because there are kids on the playground.

    Page 7- It is a small animal because they say, “the ground,” so we know that animals are low to the ground. This means it is probably an animal.

    Page 8- It is a human because it’s not written in a way that it could be an animal.

    Page 9- It is a human because it says they can see the ground and the sky. Humans can see the ground and the sky easily.

    Page 10- It is a teacher because teachers stand at the top of the hills at break and it says that ‘it’ is standing on the hill.

    • I really like how you used specific evidence from the text and your own ideas when inferring the points of view. I would love for you to elaborate on #8. How do you know that it is not written in a way that an animal would write? How is it different?

      Keep on writing!
      Miss Dunsiger

  2. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be showing these videos to my kiddos. They love watching other school’s movies. I think they will be very excited to here your students voices within the movie. We haven’t tried that.

    Ms. Clark

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