Best Day Ever!

As I was brushing my teeth, I decided I should write about my fun day today even though it was pouring rain on the first day of summer!! I started the journal entry with me waking up.


“I was so disappointed that my first day of summer ended up being a rain day L.”

“I went downstairs, played video games (NBA 2K13 and Fifa 12) and stayed on the computer for about 10-12 minutes, after I was thinking of things to do.”


“I invited friends over and we did a big game of hide and seek tag in the dark, also known as (Marco Polo.) It was so fun playing Marco Polo, since Omar and Ghassan kept on getting tagged and bumped into so much things.


“Later on that day we had a water gun fight in the rain making it really fun and twice as hard at the same time!  Everyone was soaking and we had a great game running around in the rain playing with water guns!  We also made movie trailers, (the horror and the action ones were the best even though it took so long to render and film them.) We had so much fun directing and filming movie trailers.”


“The day ended with a big bang as we had a movie marathon of some of our favorite movies, TV shows and sports! We all had an exciting and fun day doing lots and lots of activities and just having fun!” This was my day with friends during a rain day!    

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