Best rainy day ever! (after all the editing.)

“Today was an amazing day!”

It all started when I woke up too the sound of rain. I thought  “oh no is that rain I hear?”  Then I looked out my window and saw that it was rain I heard. I thought to myself ” what am I going to do today.” Just then I heard my Mom call me for breakfast. “Well maybe Mom will know what to do.” I thought. So I went down and started to eat. Then I asked my Mom what I should do for the day. She said maybe I could call up Vanessa (my best friend) and see if she wanted to come over to hangout with me for the day.

After I finished my breakfast I texted Vanessa

                                    hey watz up

noting much. u

just wnted 2 se if u cud com over 2 my house 2day


my mum said yes

be thr in 5

So when Vanessa got to my house, we decided to watch a movie. That was fun. Then we did not have anything else to do so we decided to have a spa day. We went into the bathroom and filled up the bath tub with hot water to put our feet in to relax them. While our feet where relaxing we filed our nails. Then we took our feet out of the tub and Vanessa did my toe nails and I did hers. While we were doing that we were singing to the song called Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips. That is the best song ever. Then we did our finger nails. After that we had lunch. Next we did a facial mask while we watched another movie. That was cool. Then we decided a photo shoot in my basement would be cool because we look pretty already. After the photo shoot we played a board game. When we where finished my dad came home from work and we made and had dinner. After dinner Vanessa texted her mom asking if she could stay for a sleepover. Her mom said yes. That was cool as well . We decided to watch one last movie. Then we went to sleep. We woke up at 7:30 and went on the trampoline because it was not raining nay more. Next we ate chocolate chip pancakes that my mom made, they we delicious! The last thing we did was did each others hair. That was the end of my half rainy half sunny day. I had so much fun

2 thoughts on “Best rainy day ever! (after all the editing.)

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  2. Thank you for going back and editing your work! Have one last look for punctuation. I think you are missing a period or two. You picked up on many of the errors by proofreading your work though.

    As a next step, look at paragraphing. Where do new paragraphs belong?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

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