In Grade 6, we have a day near the end of the year called play day. Play day is awesome because our class is divided into house colors and we do lots of cool and fun/interactive games with other people and so much fun things! These games also encourage teamwork and how a team working together is really good.

This is my favorite day in Grade 6 because we can work as a team in games, and we can hangout with friends while playing games.

One centre that is so fun is we get a wet sponge from a bucket of freezing cold water and we can tag people with the wet sponge, its basically tag but we use sponges. Another centre is limbo and we can vs other house colors and its whoever can last the longest in limbo without touching the rod. One of my favorite centre’s that you can cool off and relax is the rest station :p.We have freezies and we can write with chalk on the solid, gray ground. We can draw people and so much more cool drawings and ideas. You can choose the flavor of your freezie like orange, cherry or blueberry.

It also takes up the whole day so we have 6 hours of teamwork and encouragement!!!!

This is play day, my favourite day in the whole school year because we can do so much games out in the nice breezy weather and have fun!!

One thought on “PLAY DAY!

  1. Ralston, I love how many details you added to this post! I can definitely see why you enjoy Play Day so much. Are there any other days (that we’ve had so far this year) that you’ve enjoyed? Why?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

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