6 thoughts on “My Favourite Day In Grade 6 By Ava

  1. Ava, I really enjoyed this post of yours! I found the Duct Tape Challenge to be a really exciting day too, but I loved all of the reasons that you gave for it being your favourite day. I think your post is also a good reminder of why collaboration, hands-on learning opportunities, and reflection and improvement are so important to teaching and learning. Your post taught me a lot, and I’m excited to share it with others too!

    I’d love to hear about the other days that you enjoyed this year. Why did you enjoy them too?

    Keep on writing!
    Miss Dunsiger

  2. This is a wonderful reflection on why we learn in different ways. I know that your teacher lives to try different things in class, and your explanation of why you enjoyed this activity is a special way for her to finish the year.

  3. You wrote a wonderful post Ava. I liked the evidence you provided for the reasons why the Duct Tape Challenge day was your favourite day. We also did the Duct Tape Challenge and my students also enjoyed the trial and error aspect of the Duct Tape Challenge. This post will be helpful for teachers to read. You outlined why this type of activity helped you learn about flight.

    Thanks for showing excitement and participating in the challenge.

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