The Cave

“Hey Nick, take a look at this,” yelled Jason.

“What, the cave?,” responded Nick.

“No, what is in it,” answered Jason.

“What, all those sketches on the wall?,” questioned Nick.

“Ya like the one showing a historic war where the city is on fire, their house is burning and their friend is being burned alive.” suggested Jason.

“And those swords and shields” added Nick.

“They all look Egyptian.” stated Jason.

“Do you have your phone on you?” requested Jason.

“Ya, but I got no reception,” responded Nick.

“I’ll try outside,” recommended Jason.

“Yes I got 1 bar,” yelled Jason.

“Ok, so I just dial: 1-888-ran-dom-ond-ema-nda-rch-eolo-gist,” said Jason.

“Hi random on-demand archeologist service, how can we help you?” answered The Phone Operator.

“Hi, could I have an archeologist at a cave near 500 different parks in the town park?” answered Jason.


“Jason, where is he, it’s been 5 minutes already,” questioned Nick.

“There he is!” responded Jason.

“Hi, are you My Archeologist Guy?” asked Jason.

“Yes,” responded The Archeologist Guy.

“There’s a cave over there filled with artefacts. Have fun with it,” said Jason.

“Oh là là,” answered The Archeologist Guy.

“Yes, oh, of course, yes, here we go, the total value of this collection is $999 999 999,” said The Archeologist Guy.

“Holy cow,” Jason and Nick both yelled in sync.

“That sure is a lot of money,” stated Jason.

“And it’s mine,” yelled Nick.

“No way, I found the cave,” responded Jason.

“Ya but I’m your friend and you give it all to me,” demanded Nick.

“No way, 50/50,” compromised Jason.

“Wait this is a park so its government property which means it’s all the government’s,” interrupted The Archeologist Guy.

“That means your bill is going to the government, Archeologist Guy,” stated Nick.

“Bye Archeologist Guy, remember to bill the government,” waved Jason.

“So that was fun. What you want to do now?,” asked Nick.

“We could play on the swings,” recommend Jason.

“Not when the slide is open,” answered Nick.

Tunnel Travelling

Once upon a time I fell in a tunnel and had a rough landing. As I rubbed off the dust, I saw the Trojan War in action. I was scared and didn’t know how to react. It looked like I had fell in a time travel tunnel. I noticed that I had some dusty and bloody clothes on with a sword in my hand. I walked up to the closest guy and asked him who he was, but he looked freaked out.I realized that he had no idea what I was saying. Thankfully I had practiced my Latin last week for my test in school. I asked him again but this time in Latin and he said his name was Odysseys. I couldn’t believe I was staring at the one and only Odysseys. I asked him about what had just happened and he said that the soldiers had just built the Trojan Horse and that he said he was looking for soldiers to be in the Trojan Horse and so I offered.

The next night, he woke me up and told me it was time to go. I put on my worn out clothes on and followed him. He led me to the Trojan Horse. I climbed into the Trojan Horse and sat down. We waited as the other boats sailed behind the hills.

The next morning when the Trojans woke up, they found the Trojan Horse and brought it into the city. We planned to wait until they fell asleep and storm the city, but when I stepped out, I reappeared at home where I started.

What a day!” I said.


The Kane Chornicles

I have just began reading “The Kane Chronicals.” It is about Carter and Sadie Kane fighting Egyptian monsters and gods. I am on the first chapter of the second book, but it is already very exciting. This is one of the things I enjoy about Rick Riordan’s books. So far they have broke into a museum and tried to steal a statue only to be stopped by a booby trap scroll. They have seemed to upset anorher statue that might come to life and this is how the chapter ends.

The Haunted Halloween

Here is the story of the haunted Halloween.
It was Halloween night, my friends and I were about to
go home, but we decided to go to one more house. As
we walked up to it, we noticed that there were no
Halloween decorations but the lights were on, so we
decided to try for candy. As we got closer, the door
creaked open.

“Hello, anybody home?” I said. No reply. We looked at
each other and decided to go in. “What’s the harm?” or
so we thought. We walked in. “Hello?” I said again. We
heard a moaning noise.

We exchanged looks, “What could that be?” I looked
around a bit. “I think the noise is coming from
upstairs” said one of my friends. “Let’s check it out”
said another. We walked upstairs and saw an old lady
sleeping in her bed. “You’re the one’s making all that
noise.” We were all so surprised, we all thought it was a
ghost or a mummy or a zombie. We talked with her a
bit and it turned out that she had gotten sick and went
to rest, but forgot to turn out the lights. I looked at my
watch and was freaked out by the time. I told her “we
have to go” and left. When I got home my mom was so
mad because I was late. Boy did I have a story to tell

Animal Rights Versus Human Rights

Animals should have similar rights as humans. Some similar rights could be the right to a stable environment  that contains all necessities, like food and shelter. They may not need certain rights that humans do need, like the right to vote or the right to education.

Both animals and humans need food and shelter for survival. Rights of different animals should depend on their needs. For example, tamed animals need to be fed and need space to roam freely but animals in the wild need a protected habitat so they can have access to food. But animals don’t need to have the right to go to school or the right to vote for a leader because their needs are different than human needs.

I think Ivan the gorilla from “The One and Only Ivan” book, needs space to roam freely and Ruby needs to be free from captivity. Ruby was also forced to do tricks. I think this is unfair because it is not to their best interest. Pets, such as cats and dogs are sometimes abused or not fed properly.

Animals rights should be protected. I think that each person has the responsibility to protect animals, we could make a difference by respecting animals rights. I think it is important that we all work towards animal rights.

Puppy Bob

“Puppies I hate puppies! I only wanted one dog, but I now I got six mouths to feed,” yelled one of the humans when I first saw him. I had just been born when these humans had come home. My mother had warned me and my brothers to hide. Just as they came in I ran past the corner, but one human saw me. “What’s that” I remember him saying as he rushed towards me. That’s when the yelling started.

I remember being so young and scared. The next day I heard the humans plotting to get rid of us. Later they swiped us away into a box. I had no idea what was in store for me. After a long drive they through me out onto a road, thankfully I rolled safely into a ditch as the cars swept by. Sadly my brothers were not as lucky.

As the days went by I started noticing humans carrying bags with food and other odd things. I thought to myself that maybe I could find food if I find where the humans get it. So slowly I started noticing that they were coming from a big building.

So after days of watching humans I had been able to sneak into the mall, I remember finally feeling warm. But I soon learned that humans don’t like dogs. After a few weeks of exploring the mall I finally stumbled upon Ivan’s cage. He was surprised to wake up to a dirty fuzzy dog on his belly. And that’s how I ended up here.

Christmas Gift

It was near Christmas time, and Tom was wondering about his present. He had kept annoying his mom about it what his present was and she had told him “you’ll get it soon, just remember its in a small box.” As he left for school his mom called out “Remember tomorrow is Christmas day.” As he walked in to school, He felt the little box in his pocket and smiled.

He knew this box was his present. As he approached his locker he took out the miniature box and opened it. Inside he saw a little key, “What could this key lead to?” he asked.
All day he sat in school wondering what the key could be for. When he arrived home he asked his mom “What is the small key is for?” And she told him that “This is a key to your
biggest gift, now you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to use it.”

The next day he woke up and ran down the stairs to find his family waiting so patiently for him at the Christmas tree.”Now can we open our gifts?” asked Susan, who was Tom’s little sister. “Sure” replied their mom. As they stormed towards the gifts, Tom found that he had got nothing that needed a key. “Mom, what is my key for?” “You’ll see if you go outside Tom.” Tom raced outside, as he saw his present, he gasped and ran towards it. It was a new bike locked to the porch’s beam.

After noticing all the cool features, Tom ran back inside to give mom a great big hug. “Thank you mother!” This was Tom’s best Christmas ever!