halloween riddles

I am in a ghost place                                                I have fur all over       

  I have words all over                                                Fangs and claws to scrach and eat

 Dead people hide here                                            Every time I bite theres more of me

Where am I?                                                             What am I?

Do Animals Deserve The Same Rights As Humans?

Yes, animals should have rights similar to humans but not the same rights because human rights are good for people but animals need different rights.  For example, the right to not be caged like Ivan is. He is in a glass cage and he is lonely and bored. He sits all day and looks out doing nothing.  No animal should be treated like Ivan is. Even Ivan would rather be in a zoo where he would be treated better, where they are fed and have company of each kind of animal. Another right is not to be used in a cruel way. In the story when Mack tries to teach Ruby tricks and she gets tired, Mack hits Ruby with a claw stick. When people train their house pets and they do something bad, some owners will hurt them. An example would be hitting a dog for stealing food. This is why animals should have rights, it’s important for people to remember this and treat them well because animals can’t speak for themselves. Think what the world would be like if there were no animals.


Hi my name is Bob, I’m a dog, and this is the story of how I got to the Big Top Mall. I was in the car and my owners were driving down the highway and we got into an accident. I flew out the window and rolled into a ditch, but the rest of my family wasn’t so lucky. They were in the middle of the highway and got ran over by a big truck. I wandered off and eventually I saw the Big Top Mall. I was really hungry by then so I decided to go inside. I wandered in the Big Top Mall for a while and eventually I came to the food court. I saw a hot dog in the trash bin so I ate it all up, and I thought to myself, “Humans waste too much food.” After that, I was really thirsty. I snuck into the bathroom, and drank some stuff from the toilet. By then, I was really tired and found a store that sold furniture. I saw a big comfy couch and went to sleep until someone woke me up screaming, “get out of here!” I started wandering off some more until I found a hole in this glass cage. Inside the cage was something big, furry, silver and large. It was sleeping and looked so comfortable. I climbed up on its belly and fell asleep.