In Grade 6, we have a day near the end of the year called play day. Play day is awesome because our class is divided into house colors and we do lots of cool and fun/interactive games with other people and so much fun things! These games also encourage teamwork and how a team working together is really good.

This is my favorite day in Grade 6 because we can work as a team in games, and we can hangout with friends while playing games.

One centre that is so fun is we get a wet sponge from a bucket of freezing cold water and we can tag people with the wet sponge, its basically tag but we use sponges. Another centre is limbo and we can vs other house colors and its whoever can last the longest in limbo without touching the rod. One of my favorite centre’s that you can cool off and relax is the rest station :p.We have freezies and we can write with chalk on the solid, gray ground. We can draw people and so much more cool drawings and ideas. You can choose the flavor of your freezie like orange, cherry or blueberry.

It also takes up the whole day so we have 6 hours of teamwork and encouragement!!!!

This is play day, my favourite day in the whole school year because we can do so much games out in the nice breezy weather and have fun!!

How to prepare for a test?!

Hard tests about confusing subjects like math can be pressuring because it can cause a lot of marks to either increase in your report card, or decrease in your report card. It also determines if you understand your unit or not. Using some of these easy yet useful tips,you could do better on your test!


To concentrate on your test, you should have a good night’s sleep and in the morning a healthy, full breakfast.


Before you take the test, review your notes one last time and focus on the things that seem complicated to you. Focusing and reviewing your notes before doing the test can make you remember easily what you studied.


When your done all your answers, check over it and double check that you got all your answers and no mistakes. For explanations add your reason and some proof to increase your mark.


These are some ways to improve your test score!

Best Day Ever!

As I was brushing my teeth, I decided I should write about my fun day today even though it was pouring rain on the first day of summer!! I started the journal entry with me waking up.


“I was so disappointed that my first day of summer ended up being a rain day L.”

“I went downstairs, played video games (NBA 2K13 and Fifa 12) and stayed on the computer for about 10-12 minutes, after I was thinking of things to do.”


“I invited friends over and we did a big game of hide and seek tag in the dark, also known as (Marco Polo.) It was so fun playing Marco Polo, since Omar and Ghassan kept on getting tagged and bumped into so much things.


“Later on that day we had a water gun fight in the rain making it really fun and twice as hard at the same time!  Everyone was soaking and we had a great game running around in the rain playing with water guns!  We also made movie trailers, (the horror and the action ones were the best even though it took so long to render and film them.) We had so much fun directing and filming movie trailers.”


“The day ended with a big bang as we had a movie marathon of some of our favorite movies, TV shows and sports! We all had an exciting and fun day doing lots and lots of activities and just having fun!” This was my day with friends during a rain day!    


As the interviewer was asking questions, one particular one stood out. The question was “What did it feel like when you found treasure?”

I thought about it, I replied to the interviewer “I was shocked and surprised that me and my friends found some treasure even though I thought there was none!” I told the interviewer “Enter the journey I had with my friends!!

It started when me,Omar,Ty,Ghassan,Faisal and Alex were playing basketball, the ball went to the field, Ty got the ball and spotted a mysterious, muddy bottle with a crumpled, dark yellow note inside, The note said “To whomever finds this note, Greetings! On this note, there is a map behind it, this leads to a hidden treasure chest, near the clear, blue pacific Ocean!!.”

Me, Ty, and Omar believed it while Faisal, Ghassan and Alex were in disbelief. I then proclaimed, “we will look for this, if we find this, we win the bet! And if there’s none, you  win the bet…Deal?” Everyone agreed and then we set on a glorious adventure!

We followed the map for days until we noticed the X was in a dock. The dock had a lighthouse with a bridge, boats and a ocean!! The map had said it was near an ocean, we then dug and dug until we found a chest!! Inside, there were pearls,jewels,diamonds and gold!! We were all happy and I screamed “We win and got treasure!!” We then went home and I sent this to the spec and we got front page!!

And that’s what happened on our journey!



Point Of View on JB at the Grey Cup By:Ralstanio

The Booing at The Grey Cup

To the editor,                      March 26,2013, 8:32 PM EST

The manners of the Canadians were yes, disrespectful but some Canadians criticize Justin Bieber, others adore him and some respect him. Myself personally would have cheered him on since I have respect for the guy and plus, he’s Canadian! Sometimes we express our true feelings for people in the world, when performing, fans have the decision to either boo or cheer him on, it’s the person’s decision. I’ve seen many, many people get cheered for their true talent and because of popularity like “Britney Spears” or “Michael Jackson.” For Justin Bieber, half of the reason people boo him is because some are jealous while other s just don’t enjoy the genre he sing/ thinks he has an rather odd voice. Also, many people dislike him since his sense of attitude was not really formal as he wore a white t-shirt with a backwards cap, sneakers and overalls, while getting a “Diamond Jubliee Award” from our Prime Minister, Stephen Haeper. I totally agree on how you described the Canadians and how the actions they made, impacted the CFL and Justin Bieber as the CFL thought they would get the popularity when most of the audience booed Justin. Justin Bieber didn’t even need to show up, but he did since the CFL “thought” that they would get some #buzz from having him on the show. Justin also came since he performed for his home country, Canada! Justin said that he didn’t perform for money, but for the “spirit of national pride.”

The “APPLICATION” By:Ralston

The Application

     Earlier today, I was talking to my friends about me getting my first job since all my friends had jobs and one friend in particular was Alex. He had proclaimed to me that the job I was applying for was impossible for me to get into.


My dream job was to be a architect. This was my dream job since I loved dictating how an “8 story building” with clear, shiny glass windows, soft beige carpeted floors for the flooring and the exterior of the building to be made out of honeycomb yellow stucco walls would be made.


Plus, some of my teachers described me as a “bright little boy” when I was younger. So I sent an application to Landmark Designs. The letter talked about how I had countless and countless ideas if I had that position.


Anyways, I was anxious, thinking about if I got the job I always dreamed for. Then, the following day I got a letter. It had so much stamps of cute beavers and dry maple leaves, one stamp stood out the most, “Landmark Designs Inc.” I had opened the letter immediately and the words that had made me feel like gold were bolded, in italics and underlined. The words read said “Your hired!!”  I was so joyful since I had made my #DREAMJOB. I called all  my friends and told them about the awesome news and “bragged and exclaimed” that I made it to my dream job. From there on, that letter had changed my life in a positive way!


The BIG Snowfall!

     Yesterday was the BEST day ever! On Tuesday, it was a snow day!! I turned on the TV and watched my favorite show, the big bang theory. It was on a commercial so I put put the channel to the news. The news reporter described in a live interview that it was the biggest snowfall Canada has ever had. A chart was shown on how the snowfall yesterday increased from the past, it was 15.80 cm. I was surprised since the thick, white cold snow was big, but not as big to be the biggest snowfall we ever had. I just went back to my favorite channel and soon after that, I played in the cold snow.


I started to make snow angels and one time I jumped into the snow and almost froze since it was so deep!! I then had a snowball fight with my neighbors, made a snowman with a carrot nose, beans for eyes and a top hat, and I  headed back inside.


Inside, I drank soothing hot chocolate and played some  video games on my PS3. After playing games, I watched TV again and noticed that the news put up another chart and this time I noticed it was “20.95 cm.” It had increased while I was inside, I looked outside and only now noticed that it was snowing!! With it still snowing, I could imagine how big the snowfall would be!!  This was my day when the biggest snowfall in Canada ever happened!

The Mysterious Discovery

The Mysterious Discovery

     As I was heading to the mall, I noticed a mysterious shadow with fog surrounding it. It was in the middle of the sidewalk, I crept close to the shadow and with a sniff of the fog, I passed out.


I woke up in a dark mysterious place with no sign of lights, a rocky, bumpy ground and a river with water flowing. I thought to myself “Aha, I’m in a cave?!” I started to panic but with every movement and sound I made, I could hear animals like bats swooping above me and I could hear snakes slithering on the ground! I decided that I should look around and make no vital movements to harm no animals, I looked around and just decided to walk slowly till there was a sign of light.



I found light, I started to run to the light and finally got outside, relieved I looked around an noticed it had strange mysterious markings and pictures with animals and humans engraved into the stone. One part of the hard, grey stone described this cave was a “aboriginal cave” and this was the house for people decades ago. I felt awesome since I had found an aboriginal cave from decades and decades ago! One question kept on running through my mind, why was I brought here? Why did I end up here, in an aboriginal cave with no signs of family and friends?? I then realized supernatural things started to happen, then I woke up, it was a dream the whole time!!